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We help companies reach bigger audiences with PR

Online public relations has been converging with SEO, content marketing and social media for a long time. Our online PR strategies are all about empowering content marketing and social media efforts to support SEO campaigns while building stronger brand awareness and reaching bigger audiences.

Why Make Online PR Part of your Content & Social Strategies?

Because having a presence in top-tier online publications generates some of the best results when it comes to generating leads. Adding PR to your content marketing strategy means creating high quality, sharable and link-worthy content both on your company website as well as relevant, industry publications.

This high quality content also diversifies social media strategies to increase engagement, resulting in an increased following and bigger reach. The bottom line is more leads, more inbound links, larger network of followers, and stronger brand awareness.

Our Approach to Online PR

Online PR is not a standalone service offering at MWI; it’s an add-on strategy for diversifying content marketing, SEO and social media efforts. As part of our online PR strategies, we will help you:

  • Identify top-tier online publications relevant to your industry
  • Assist you in establishing personal connections with publications
  • Coach your experts on pitching topics
  • Integrate PR efforts with content marketing, SEO and social media strategies
  • Establish editorial calendars and coordinate content creation schedules


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