How To Generate High Quality Leads For Your Product Launch

Product launch marketing

You are creative, you are passionate. You are a marketeer. And when your R&D team puts their newest innovation in your hands you get butterflies. Another awesome opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives!

But there is a catch: The more innovative the new product is the more unlikely your regular marketing strategy is to succeed!

If nobody is Googling you, if the market you are tapping is still brand new, and if your current customer base doesn’t understand it’s benefits yet, it’s your responsibility as a marketeer to educate them.

That’s where content comes in.

Let’s take a real life example to show you how it works:

Yesterday a Portuguese mineral water company approached our team to launch their bottled water in Singapore. When I read their marketing material I realized there is a world of benefits in bottled water I had no clue about.

Each benefit in itself is an educational piece of content that can be tailored to attract different target markets. If they want to connect with the health conscious local community, like the 40+ consumer with health concerns, an article about it’s brain health improving abilities distributed via Facebook ads is a great first initiative.

Once the lead is captured on the company’s website, a drip email campaign automatically kicks off to deepen the customer’s understanding of how their healthy lifestyle goals are amplified by one simple choice: The water they drink on a daily basis.

What is the key to this strategy?

Constantly adding value to your customer’s life beyond the product you are promoting. Even if it takes them months to convert, the insights they gained along the way generated a positive change in the way they treat their body. And that is your lifetime upsell.

If you want to generate high quality leads for your new product launch, shoot us an email at us for an impromptu brainstorm!


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