Mission & Vision

Some people think vision and mission statements are cheesy. But we take them seriously and live by them. Our mission statement tells what MWI is, what we do, and how we do it. Our vision statement tells how the world is a better place because of MWI. The vision statement is not the vision–that’s a bit long. The vision statement is a short, memorable symbol of the vision. Our strategy is the plan for getting where we want to go. We share our mission and vision statements here because we want our clients, partners, and team members to know what we publicly stand for. We don’t share our strategy here, not so much because we think we have a great informational advantage over our competitors, but because the strategy tends to change a lot as new circumstances arise, we gain more information, or we get smarter.

Vision Statement

We help our clients make the world a better place.

Mission Statement

MWI is a global, full-service, digital lead generation firm assisting our industry, clients, and team members to maximize potential with a commitment to growth, quality, service, and integrity.

Don’t laugh, there are 10 pages of writing and countless hours of research behind coming up with these. The hardest part was making them as short and simple as possible, so that people would remember them.

We take these statements seriously. We’re not just here to make money–life’s too short for that. We want to make the world a better place. We know we don’t do that just by creating a nice website or a good marketing campaign, but we do have clients who are making the world a better place, and we want to assist them in that. There are a lot of industries we won’t work with because of this commitment, and in the cases of the clients we do take on, it’s because we feel they’re making a real contribution to society.

Each word in our mission statement means something. We’re “global” because we’re not confined to any one country, and we’re opening offices worldwide. We’re “full-service” because clients can have most or all their digital marketing needs met through MWI, whether it’s getting a new website, marketing that website, or creating other digital marketing campaigns. Most of our clients don’t need to hire anyone but MWI to handle all their digital marketing needs. While we provide many services, our primary focus is on “lead generation,” because that’s the ultimate metric (including sales) that we can measure–everything else is a secondary metric. And the only kind of lead generation we focus on is digital. We didn’t want to just talk about assisting our clients, because we exist as a company to also assist our team members, as well as the digital marketing industry, to maximize their potential. We help the industry by participating in conferences and writing for industry publications. We help our team members by giving them training, challenges, and stimulating work where they’re respected and their work and input is valued. We know it’s unlikely most of our team members will stay with us forever, and if and when they “graduate” we want them to leave much improved from when they arrived. While maximizing potential is key, it doesn’t mean much if we violate our values, which is why we’re committed to maintaining our integrity, focusing on a culture of service, providing high quality work, and if we’re doing all this so well, don’t we have a responsibility to grow and do all this on a larger scale?

We hope this inspires you. Come work with us, as a member of our team, a client, or a partner. We can do great things together.

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