Video Production Overview

Growing brand awareness and increasing sales with video content

As the amount of content on the web grows, marketers and business owners face ever-increasing amounts of competition for their customers’ time. In today’s crowded media landscape, an online marketing strategy that focuses solely on written and graphic content will be outperformed by a strategy that includes video. More and more businesses are reaching new levels of growth by relying on video content’s unmatched ability to engage potential customers. At MWI Hong Kong, our video production services are focused on helping you grow brand awareness and increase sales conversions. Whether you’re interested in adding video to your social media strategy or want to launch a Youtube ad campaign, we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to make it a success.
Video production services we provide:
  • Social media video (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Video advertising (Youtube and Facebook)
  • Viral video
  • Event video
  • Interview video
  • Product video
  • Video editing