Why You Should Consider Content Marketing Over Copywriting?

Content marketing promotes brands by creating and delivering valuable content and establishing brand images with the ultimate goal of driving consumption and sales.

Content marketing provides readers with content that provides value and practical information in order to solve a problem. When readers find the relevant information helpful and have satisfied their intent, brand credibility is built, prompting further actions like following, sharing, and even becoming a target audience.

Copywriting focuses on short-term growth with ad copies aiming to provoke users for immediate actions. Often centered around boosting a particular sales campaign or short-term promotion, these ads pay little attention to the real needs of consumers, consequently failing to build a relationship with audiences in the long run. On the other hand, strategic content marketing can precisely target the intended audience, bringing a steady flow of relevant and high-quality traffic and reducing marketing costs.

Types of content we specialize in:

  • Blogs
  • Press Release
  • Email Marketing (EDM)
  • Visual Content
  • Videos