Stories from Our Interns

Charlotte Yip

After finishing an internship that is directly related to my study during my penultimate year, I decided to explore the ever-changing and dynamic field of digital marketing. It has since been an exciting journey learning more and navigating workplace dynamics in a growing digital marketing agency.

During my time in MWI, I mainly worked with the paid media team to support multiple SEM and social media marketing projects, allowing me to gain an incredible amount of exposure and hands-on experience. This was also my first time working in a fast-paced work environment that is full of challenges. I’m so grateful that I was able to surmount these obstacles with the help of my supportive teammates and learn from the experience.

Working in MWI was fruitful and rewarding. I was deeply impressed by the friendly and flexible work environment in MWI. More importantly, every day was exciting and interesting — there was not a single boring day! Given the opportunity to work with a young, creative, and energetic team, this internship has reinforced my passion for digital marketing.

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