If you’re interested in becoming part of our team, please review our core values first. Every team member is expected to live by these values. If MWI sounds like the kind of place that fits you, then please consider our open positions below.

At MWI we don’t have employees, we have team members. We hire only A players, because B players hire C players, and we can’t afford to have C players working here. We have structures, systems, and processes to help team members work efficiently, but every member of the team is treated like a grown adult. We are a result-only work environment. We don’t clock-in or clock-out, we just get work done. We don’t have vacation or sick days–we don’t care when you work, how you work, or where you work, as long as the work gets done. Go work from the beach in Hawaii for a month if you want. Work four hours a day if you like, or only three days per week. As long as the work gets done and everybody’s happy (clients, team members, partners) then that’s what matters. When someone needs to take time off for sickness, a death in the family, or other unfortunate event, or a fortunate one like the birth of a child, we band together to make it work for everyone involved, and we don’t put a limit on the days, as long as it works for everyone (if you want seven years of paid maternity leave, that would be an example that probably wouldn’t work out).

We believe you get what you pay for, and we strive to hire the best and offer excellent compensation. We stress continuous improvement though training and education. We want to grow and give our team members opportunities to grow with us. The last thing we want is for a team member to feel bored. Are we the right fit for you? Are you the right fit for us? Let us know.

Content Marketing/PR Manager - Hong Kong
Strategic Account Manager - Hong Kong
Business Development Manager - Hong Kong
Online Marketing Manager - Hong Kong
Social Media Manager - Hong Kong
Web Designer - Hong Kong
UX Designer - Hong Kong
Web Developer - Hong Kong
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