The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Amazon Reviews

Just last year, Amazon’s valuation exceeded that of Walmart, showing the extent of the disruption that has occurred in the retail sector. However, the changes brought about by the emergence of ecommerce have not been without some challenges. Amazon recently filed a series of lawsuits against alleged providers of paid reviews in an attempt to clean up the considerable amount of misleading or “inauthentic” reviews. The abundance of these paid review services underscores how important having enough positive reviews is to an ecommerce product’s success. The number and quality of reviews factors heavily into Amazon’s product search page rankings, and a […]

Laying the Foundation for Kickstarter Success

In our last blog post, we outlined how entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, and all other unapproved countries, can get their projects onto Kickstarter. In this post we’ll go over how to lay the foundation for a successful campaign by perfecting the three core elements of your Kickstarter project. Have a Great Product I know what you’re thinking: “this is a blog post about Kickstarter marketing, not product development!” And you’re right; when clients come to us to help make their crowdfunding campaign a success, they already have a product, and usually a prototype, designed. However, one of the first questions […]

Can I Run A Kickstarter Campaign From Hong Kong?

You’re an entrepreneur in Hong Kong. You have a great idea for a new product. You’ve spent countless hours brainstorming, validating, designing, and refining your product into something you know will appeal to people all over the world. But, without the proper funding, your great idea isn’t likely to become a reality. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo can be the answer to these kinds of cash flow problems, but for creators who don’t live in countries approved for Kickstarter campaigns, a brief perusal of Kickstarter’s guidelines will dash all hopes of ever getting a project off the ground: Who can […]

SEO in China: What Companies Need to Know to Succeed [infographic]
How Can I Spot And Avoid Poor SEO Offers In Hong Kong?

  Hong Kong is no different than any other market when it comes to SEO, with this exception–it’s not as developed, and that means there are fewer true SEO experts in Hong Kong, and less basis for comparison. In more developed SEO markets there are dedicated SEO firms with long track records of success. These crowd out less skilled SEO firms, as well as firms that aren’t true SEO firms but offer SEO services. In less developed markets you see individuals offering SEO services whose skills are lacking, or you see ad agencies, PR firms, and other types of companies that […]

Digital Marketing On A Budget

On July 8th, 2015, I presented in Singapore at ad:tech Asean 2015 on the topic “Digital Marketing on a Budget.” Here is video of my presentation with slides below. Full Transcript via SpeechPad: Hello, everybody. I’m Josh Steimle. I apologize for the little bit of a late start that we’re getting. But we’ve got a full hour together, so we’ve got, hopefully, plenty of time to get through everything. This is Digital Marketing on a Budget, so this is the presentation for people who want to know how to do their digital marketing either with a smaller budget, or maybe […]

How We Got Our First SEO Clients In Hong Kong

This is in response to a question asked by David Schlosberg of Futuredontics/1800dentist.  When someone asks a question like this I think “Should I really share this information? After all, I’d be helping my competitors…” and then I think “Ah, what the heck.” MWI has been in business since 1999. The idea to open an international office in Hong Kong came about in 2012. I moved to Hong Kong to open the office in June, 2013. But when I landed on the ground, I already had two clients signed up, and more were ready to go. Here is how we found […]

Six Tips to Keep in Mind When Pitching to Journalists

Whether you’re a PR person, entrepreneur or freelance writer – learning how to write a compelling pitch is a must. As journalists likely get dozens of pitches a day, how do you get yours to stand out in a sea of emails? We spoke to three journalists to get the skinny on how to pitch journalists and what to do after your pitch has been accepted. Do your homework on the media outlet and their reporters Similar to tailoring your resume towards the job you’re applying for, personalizing a pitch is one way to get the reporter’s attention. Before you […]

Win A Free Pass To ClickZ Live Hong Kong!

ClickZ Live Hong Kong is the digital marketing event you don’t want to miss if you are responsible for the marketing at your company. You’ll learn from industry experts (including yours truly) about SEO, content marketing, online PR, conversion optimization, analytics, and more. And you can get in for FREE because MWI is giving away a two-day pass, a $1,199 USD value! This contest is going to be done Twitter style. To be entered in the contest send out a Tweet with the following content: Bitly link to this blog post – @mwihongkong @clickzlive #hongkong Whatever else you want to include. […]

Come Learn SEO At ClickZ Hong Kong

ClickZ Live, formerly known as Search Engine Strategies (SES), is one of the foremost global digital marketing conferences. And it’s coming to Asia, with ClickZ Live Hong Kong!