Core Values

You see these types of statements of core values put out by companies from time to time. Very few companies seem to even try to live by the values they claim to hold dear. We might not do a 100% perfect job living by these values, but we’re sure trying to. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for living these values on a daily basis, and if you become a client we ask you to hold us accountable as well.

MWI’s Core Values

  • The Golden Rule+. Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. If we’re not sure what others want us to do unto them, we work to figure it out. If we’re unable to find out, then as a temporary measure we do unto them as we would have others do unto us.
  • Results that matter. Focus on results that truly matter to the client. Sales and leads, rather than checking the box on a lot of tasks.
  • Transparency. With clients, and internally. Share secrets. Admit mistakes.
  • Learning. There is always a better way. Always be researching, experimenting, and listening to find out what it is.
  • Teaching. Have the heart of a teacher, both within the team as well as with clients.

Why Talk About Core Values?

Because we want our clients and partners to know the standards we’ve set for ourselves. We believe if we stay true to these values we’ll be happy, our clients will be happy, our clients’ customers will be happy. Everybody’s happy.

— Joshua Steimle, Founder and CEO, MWI


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