If you want the long, long version of our story, here it is. As for who we are today, MWI is a collection of designers, programmers, and online marketers with one goal in mind–to assist our clients in generating long-term positive results. What kind of results? There are intermediary metrics we use to measure success such as rankings, traffic, conversions, leads, sales, and return sales, but mostly we’re focused on growing profits. Your profits. After all, if you’re our client, you’re looking to find the answer to a simple question–is hiring MWI going to make me more money than I spend?

You may hire us to design a website or perform an SEO audit on your website. Or you might hire us for a long-term SEO or SEM campaign. Whatever the case, we’re going to bust our behinds to do great work and help you make more money. Sure, we know that’s how to make MWI successful, but we’re about more than just making money. We want to make you happy by helping you grow your business. We want to see your business succeed because life’s too short for us to waste our time doing work that doesn’t make our clients, and us, happy.

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