Open Position: Journalist / Blogger

Location: United States

Love writing articles and blog posts? Addicted to CopyBlogger? Have some experience with SEO and content marketing? We are looking for a writer, preferably with journalistic experience, to create content for our clients to be pitched to journalists and editors. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the pitching–that’s why we’re also hiring an experienced media relations manager.

Shall we cut to the chase? We provide lead generation services for our clients. We help them sell lots of stuff. We’re not interested in share of voice. We’re not interested in winning awards. We’re interested in helping our clients sell stuff and grow. When we get our clients featured in publications the right way it drives sales. Our CEO is a journalist so he sometimes writes stories on behalf of clients and successfully pitches these stories to other journalists, but that’s not scalable. We need someone to come on board and write articles full time on behalf of clients, then hand them off to our media relations manager to pitch them.

As a writer/blogger/journalist you will work closely with other writers, content creators, content marketers, growth hackers, and SEO professionals to come up with stories, infographics, and other media that can be used in pitches to the media on behalf of MWI’s clients. You’ll get to work with a variety of interesting companies and get experience in the art of hustling. And so that we don’t mislead you–this is not a cush job. It’s hard, challenging, fast paced work. But you’ll learn a lot and grow like crazy.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you:

  1. What are examples of stories/articles/blog posts you’re proud to have written? Please send us links.
  2. Where has your work been published?
  3. What’s your writing process look like?
  4. If you were writing a 750 word piece entirely from your head on a subject you know well, how long would it take you? If it were a 1,500 word piece on a topic you don’t know much about and which requires some research, how long might that take you?
  5. What software/tools do you use while writing?
  6. What makes a writer a great writer?
  7. What makes an editor a great editor?
  8. Do you want to work in a startup environment? It’s not for everyone. Some people feel like it’s chaotic and out of control, and others think it’s challenging, energizing, and exciting. It’s not that we’re out of control–we are into scrum, agile, Jira, and we have our processes and systems, but the company is growing rapidly and people are asked to hustle. It can certainly feel like chaos at times.

Who We Are

We’re the agency that people love to work at, because we’re reasonable people who stay close enough to crazy to do innovative, creative work, but far enough away from crazy to live halfway normal lives. We push boundaries with policies like unlimited vacation and sick days (we’re considering adding “forced vacation” for those who don’t know how to take a break) and almost total flexibility with when, where, and how you work. We don’t care, as long as the work gets done and it’s great work. We have 15 people on our team, are interviewing for 5 positions right now, and expect to be up around 30 team members by the end of 2016. We have offices in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Hong Kong, and we’re looking to open more. We are probably looking for someone in the US for this position, but would entertain hiring someone outside the US under the right circumstances. But the media we want to be pitching right now is primarily US based.

What You’ll Get

Respect. Challenging work that will help you grow. Support. Honesty. And all the basics like good pay, full benefits, retirement, perks, equity in the business, etc.

How to Apply

Email us with answers to the questions above. We’d love to hear from you!

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