What Kind of People Does MWI Hire?

They are right on track

Aaron asks:

Since MWI does what I want to do, I’d LOVE to be a part of it. What would it take for me to show that I’d be an asset worth bringing on? I know it’s a loaded question and I’m not expecting a job offer. I’m just genuinely interested in what you look for.

Here’s my response:

What I’m about to say will change in the future, but because we’re small (< 30 people) we can’t afford to hire people who need training–we need people on board who provide value from the instant they start.

In fact, many of the people we hire start providing value before we even hire them. We’re talking to someone in Singapore right now who we thought we couldn’t afford to hire, but even though we haven’t given her an offer yet she has already brought us two leads. She’s making it easy for us to bring her on board, because she’s already starting to pay for herself. Thats the kind of hustle we look for.

  • Good potential team members ask “What do you want me to do?”
  • Better potential team members ask “Here’s my plan, is it ok if I move forward with this?”
  • The best potential team members say “Here’s my plan, I’m already executing it and getting results, let me know if you have any feedback.”

Hustlers never have to worry about being unemployed because they don’t wait for opportunities to come to them. They find opportunities. If I were looking for a marketing position at MWI or anywhere else, I’d do my own audit, find a way to generate real value, and then I’d start generating that value proactively, without waiting for permission. What does that look like? Its not coming to me with a plan that requires my involvement, because if you bring me a plan what I see is “Ugh, more work, I’m already too busy and I’m not doing 50 things I already know I should be doing. The last thing I need is one more thing on that list.” I don’t lack for great plans. What I lack is the time to execute all the plans I have.

To give one example, pulled from a pool of 100 possible examples, one way to create a job rather than wait for one to come, would be to come to me and say “Josh, I noticed that the MWI blog doesn’t get updated much, and I’m guessing its because you’re too busy to focus on it. But I bet you’d love to have more fresh content up there. I went ahead and created three long-form blog posts that will generate high paying leads for MWI [brief explanation of why, and what kind of leads], and all I need is access to your blog to post them. Can you create a login for me?”

Thats what I might do, because I’m a writer. But there are 100 other things someone who wants to be a marketer at MWI could do. Doing something like this would show hustle, creativity, and an understanding of what matters to me. Even if that doesn’t result in an instant job offer, if someone did that for me right now I would give them a contract job in a heartbeat, and then if they continued to do great work and we started getting real leads from that content, I would definitely hire them.

Who does MWI hire? MWI hires hustlers. People who don’t need to be told what to do to make things happen.

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Hi! I'm Josh Steimle, and I started MWI from my apartment while a college student in 1999. I'm based in Shenzhen, China and responsible for MWI's overall strategy and marketing. I've written over 200 articles for publications like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Time, and I'm the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work. I love speaking to corporations and at marketing industry events. I was recently recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of 50 Online Marketing Influencers To Watch in 2016. Read more of what I'm writing on my blog.

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