Utah Law Firm Strong & Hanni Launches New Web Design, Content Management System

Strong and Hanni Law Firm, a Salt Lake City law firm since 1888, has launched a newly redesigned corporate Web site as part of the firm’s rebranding process. The new site, designed and developed by MWI, a Draper-based Web development and brand management agency, runs on the proprietary MWI content management system.

“MWI’s content management system allows us to update our entire site quickly and easily,” said Ladd Albrechtson, executive director at Strong and Hanni. “We just drop the desired text into the content fields and click a button and we can update press releases, our attorney directory, our practice areas, and any other content on the site.”

The MWI content management system is a web-based tool customized to each client’s use. The system allows client’s to make updates to their Web site in real time without requiring knowledge of HTML or programming languages. The MWI content management system is used to help companies save time and money on their Web development needs.

“We are proud of how the Web site for Strong and Hanni turned out,” said Joshua Steimle, chief executive officer of MWI. “Not only does the site look great, but it integrates cleanly with our content management system. We’re happy with how well this offering for law firms turned out for Strong and Hanni.”

The new Strong and Hanni Law Firm Web site can be viewed at

About Strong and Hanni Law Firm
Established in 1888, Strong & Hanni is one of Utah’s most respected and experienced law firms. Strong & Hanni demonstrates exceptional legal ability and superior quality in every aspect of its operation — providing legal services that are effective, efficient, and ethical. Building on a history of knowledge and experience, coupled with proven and current technologies, the firm maintains a focus on providing the best legal services and counsel to its clients. The firm combines the stability of traditional and conservative values with growth and vitality in the delivery of legal services. This unique blend of tradition, growth, new methods and technology continues to give the firm the ability to meet its clients’ needs in the most cost-effective way. For more information, please visit

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