Utah Business Directory Goes Online

UtahFirms Helps Site Visitors to Find the Best Firms in Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah – MWI, a leading business and technology consultancy, with support from organizations like Connect Magazine, the Wayne Brown Institute, and vSpring Capital, today announced the launch of UtahFirms, a Web site dedicated to helping businesses and individuals purchasing services. Located at, UtahFirms is powered by a content management system (CMS) developed by MWI. This CMS for use on enterprise-level Web sites allows individual departments, product teams, or offices to effectively control their respective parts of a corporate Web site. The CMS can be implemented in days or weeks rather than months and can be integrated with an existing site.

“Imagine that the CEO of your firm puts you in charge of developing the new corporate Web site. Where are you going to start? What firms would you get to bid on the project?” asks MWI CEO Joshua Steimle. “UtahFirms answers that question by providing articles written by local industry experts about how to intelligently make decisions to purchase services from local firms, and UtahFirms provides the most comprehensive and detailed directory of firms. Whether you’re looking for an ad agency, a law firm, or an accountant, UtahFirms is the place to start.”

UtahFirms differs from the phone book, online search engines, and other directories in that it’s free and detailed. Any firm that provides services within Utah can list their name, address, phone number, fax, up to two contacts with email addresses, Web site address, and a detailed description. Firms have no limits on how many categories they can list their business in, and there are over 50 categories to choose from.

Categories of firms include accounting, advertising/marketing, consulting, custodial/cleaning, education/training, food/catering, human resources, manufacturing, medical, public relations, real estate / construction, venture capital, and web development, just to name a few.

“Making the directory detailed and free was one of the key strategies” says Steimle. “If you want to be listed in the phone book, you pay $30 or more per month just for your name and phone number in bold and that’s it. With other online directories you’re lucky to get a link to your Web site for free. Since our goal is to create the most comprehensive and detailed business directory in Utah we didn’t want to limit that goal by creating a barrier.”

One other major difference between UtahFirms and other directories is the design of the site. Studies show that visual appeal is the single largest factor in influencing Web site visitors to trust the Web site or the company represented by the Web site. UtahFirms has been designed with a high-quality intuitive interface to influence those who visit, whether they be visitors who are adding a firm to the directory, or visitors trying to hire a firm.

UtahFirms is part of a larger project called The Firm Box that aims to create a national collection of regionally focused Web sites just like UtahFirms. UtahFirms is the pilot project and work has already begun on NevadaFirms, NewMexicoFirms, CaliforniaFirms, GeorgiaFirms, among others.

To access the online directory at UtahFirms, simply visit the Web site at To list a firm for free, go to

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