Strange Keyword Searches for 2007

If you have a web analytics package, such as Google Analytics, installed on your website, one of the interesting things to look at are the keywords people use to find your website through search engines. Some of the keywords make you scratch your head and wonder why somebody typed them in. Here are some of the strangest that have led people to MWI’s website during 2007.

qualifications to work in salt companies
suspicious wives newsletter
website with garage
my wife does not pay attention to me
west vip bonusmintrk
what does mexicans color stand for
what does mid-wives do
what does we hooked up stand for
what is the salt content of salt lake city
what logo has a cow in it?
white oil in my car
logos de coca cola de los 80s
give me a hand i’m going to milk the cows
joshua steimle time magazine

While these may seem puzzling to you, most of them make sense to me. For example, there is an MWI newsletter that was sent out a few years back that discussed how nobody knew what MWI stood for, and in that newsletter, which is archived on our site, is the word “wives” and perhaps the word “suspicious” and the word “newsletter” is part of the filename so it’s not too much of a surprise to me that the page ranks for those words, since not much else out there is likely to. And since we designed a website for Garage Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm, it’s no surprise to me that we rank for “website with garage,” although what puzzles me is what in the world that person was really searching for.

Some of the phrases, I have to admit, make no sense whatsoever to me, like “my wife does not pay attention to me” and “white oil in my car”. That is, I have no idea why MWI’s site would rank for such terms. It doesn’t appear to now.

And then there are some keywords that make sense as far as why MWI would rank for them, but I don’t know why somebody would be searching for it, such as “joshua steimle time magazine” which was searched for just today. I’ve never been quoted in Time, nor interviewed for Time, nor do I find it likely that I will be anytime in the near future, so what was it that inspired somebody to search for that?

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