SEO Utah or Utah SEO?

I’ve been noticing a lot of changes going on the last month or so when it comes to rankings for the keywords “SEO Utah”, “Utah SEO”, and related terms like “search engine optimization Utah”. Although the competition for rankings isn’t necessarily made up entirely of competitors, or other SEO firms, maintaining top rankings is proving more of a challenge than it has in the past, and we’ve had to make some decisions about which keywords we want to focus on.

For example, I originally focused more on “utah search engine optimization” because I figured a lot of our potential clients didn’t know the acronym “SEO” and therefore wouldn’t be using it in searches. However, I am finding that these days most of the clients we are signing up are somewhat more educated than clients were a year ago, and many of them have already worked with another SEO company and therefore know exactly what SEO stands for, and would never dream of typing in the 24 characters in “search engine optimization” when three would suffice.

So in many places where we used the terms “search engine optimization utah” or “utah search engine optimization” on our site we now use “seo utah” or “utah seo”.

But word order does make a difference, so which one to use more, seo utah or utah seo? Sure, I could test it out in Adwords and see which order gets more impressions, but I’m kind of lazy when it comes to self-promotion, so I generally just go with my gut which, by the way, has been shrinking since I started training for an Ironman.

The way I see it, most people would type in SEO, and then Utah as the delimiter, because they’re looking for SEO first, and then limiting it to Utah second. They’re not searching for Utah and then SEO.

A look at Google Analytics seems to bear this out. We get 2.5 times as many visitors from “seo utah” as we do from “utah seo”. However, we get 3 times as many visitors from “utah search engine optimization” as we do from “seo utah” . So why would we want to focus on “seo utah” when there’s evidently a lot more traffic coming from “utah search engine optimization?” It’s like I said above, more sophisticated clients know what SEO stands for, and by and large, I’d rather work with more sophisticated clients who understand a bit about the SEO process and who have realistic expectations. We refer a fair amount of our SEO leads to other companies, and I would suspect the majority of those we turn away searched for “utah search engine optimization” in order to find us.

Now for the last question, how do you think this blog post is going to rank for the terms “seo utah” and “utah search engine optimization”? Think I overdid it?

Are there any keywords you feel you should be ranking for? Learn more about our SEO services here.

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  • It is amazing how firms out there are trying to rank for the same keywords. sometimes I think Utah is an SEO mecca.

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