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MWI has been working with LG’s support forum website for a few years now. It’s a website where users can access information about LG’s various cellphones and mobile devices. Here’s a bit more about them.

LG Forum is an official site for LG device owners. Allowing LG owners to post discussions and read up-to-date articles about their LG devices, their troubleshooting section includes detailed information about drivers and resources.

Their “How Do I” forum highlights backing up Android phones, troubleshooting low memory, switching between 3G and 4G, product overviews, LG tips and software updates.

Product information on the following is included on the site: LG Android, ATT Escape P870, ATT Nitro, ATT Phoenix, ATT Quantum, ATT Thrill, ATT Thrive, ATT Xpression, BST Marquee, Crk Optimus-C, HBS-700, International Non-U.S. Phones, MPCS Connect, MPCS Esteem, MPCS Optimus-M, SPR Marquee, SPR Optimus Elite, SPR Optimus-S, SPR Reflex, Spr Rumor Touch, SPR Viper, T-Mo DoublePlay, T-Mo G-Slate, T-Mo G2x, T-Mo MyTouch, T-Mo MyTouch-Q, T-Mo Optimus-T, TFone 800g, VM Optimus Slider, VM Optimus-V, VZW Ally, VZW LG Cosmos 2, VZW Cosmos Touch, VZW LG Enlighten, VZW Extravert, VZW Intuition VS950, VZW Lucid, VZW Octane, VZW Revere, VZW Revolution, VZW Spectum and VZW Vortex. Additionally, they feature drivers and resources for Alltel, AT&T, Metro PCS, Tracefone, NET10, Straight Talk, Cricket, RSA, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon and Virgin Mobile.

This excellent, highly informative forum environment allows visitors to ask questions, share ideas, report problems and give praise of phone features. Joining the LG community has never been easier and allows visitors to track important topics, converse with other members, be rewarded for feedback and have a voice in the LG community. Their advanced press page also provides the latest information on new LG releases, including detailed specifications and technical information.

Working diligently with MWI, a Utah Web Design firm, LG Forum has worked to build their keyword research, website analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing feedback and consulting. Additionally, MWI specializes in link building, keyword strategies, Pay Per Click setup, Pay Per Click configuration, Pay Per Click management, Pay Per Click consulting, Pay Per Click training, conversion improvement, targeted web design and web design integration. MWI also works to create advanced reports, which helps companies determine if the latest marketing campaigns are a success. The experienced staff at MWI works together to seamlessly integrate the latest technology, web design and blogging enterprises to further advance online marketing campaigns.

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