Ortho Development Launches Website Design, Content Management System

MWI, a brand management and Web development firm, today announced it has completed the design and development of Ortho Development’s new Web site while implementing the MWI Content Management System (CMS) in the process.

MWI’s CMS gives Ortho the ability to easily update and edit its new Web site without relying on MWI.

The new site enhances Ortho Development’s credibility as it combines professional design with easily navigable pages where users can quickly find the information and resources they are seeking. The site also utilizes MWI’s content management system, which provides easy access to Web site components and allows those who are updating the site the ability to alter text, showcase products, add pages, upload new images and make other changes that are necessary to keep the business’s Web site current.

“The content management system was important for us,” said Joel Melton, marketing manager of Ortho Development. “Our old site didn’t allow us to make changes easily. MWI’s content management system allows us to make real-time updates and changes without affecting the look and feel of our new Web site in an adverse manner. We are extremely pleased with MWI’s design work and their programming expertise.”

About Ortho Development
Ortho Development Corporation is dedicated to manufacturing orthopedic implants that will enhance the quality of life for all patients. We are committed to provide orthopedic surgeons worldwide with products that compliment both their training and skills to allow them to care for their patients with confidence and satisfaction. Engineering simplicity is not just our tagline; it’s our way of life. For more information, visit

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