The Old Days of Google vs the New [infographic]

Google continues to innovate and change constantly. With a short look back, to the days of it’s infancy, the search engine has morphed the way it computes while still hanging on to original roots. “What’s changed”, you ask? MWI’s nifty infographic will show you where things started and where they are now:

Google old vs new

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Jordan Kasteler is a freelance consultant, entrepreneur, and the Digital Marketing Strategist for the agency, MWI. He has a history of entrepreneurship co-founding such companies as BlueGlass Interactive. His work experience ranges from in-house SEO at, marketing strategy at PETA, and to agency-level digital marketing.. Jordan is also an international conference speaker, writer, and book author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing.

  • Alex Mcarthur

    Great post Jordan

  • Just Lemme Say

    This is nice, but not useful or data-driven. 4/10.

  • Usman Saeed

    Great post Jordan…..! Really impressive and easy to Understand….

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