MWI Launches New Online Marketing Services

Services include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, weblog strategy and implementation

Salt Lake City, UT – MWI, a brand management and Web development firm, today announced the launch of new marketing services including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and weblog (blog) strategy and implementation.

Search engine optimization involves modifying the structure, content, and HTML code of a website to improve its rankings in major search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN, and Google. Search engine marketing focuses primarily on the creation and management of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising offered through third-party services such as Overture or Google AdWords.

“The search engine optimization and marketing services have been added due to demand,” said MWI’s CEO, Joshua Steimle. “Not too long ago we didn’t offer these services although we had the ability, but in the last two months we’ve signed up five clients and have several more inquiring.” MWI’s services for both search engine optimization and marketing are provided for a flat monthly fee that varies depending on the number of keywords assigned to a campaign by the client.

MWI is one of the first firms to offer the implementation of corporate weblogs, also known as “blogs,” as a paid service. “While blogging has been a popular pastime among individuals for a few years, it has also become a valuable business tool,” said MWI’s CEO Joshua Steimle. He continued “Blogging allows companies to communicate to potential customers in a more casual and personal manner without ‘tarnishing’ their good corporate image. A corporate blog is a great public relations tool and at this point is still unique enough that companies can gain attention simply by having one.”

Although companies offering blogging technology such as MoveableType or Blogger claim they are simple to configure, anyone but the casual blogger will find it a time-consuming and difficult process. Corporations requiring a more sophisticated level of design as well as a strategy for how to integrate blogging into their marketing and public relations effort can take advantage of MWI’s expertise in this area to receive strategic counsel, design, and implementation services.

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Hi! I'm Josh Steimle, and I started MWI from my apartment while a college student in 1999. I'm based in Shenzhen, China and responsible for MWI's overall strategy and marketing. I've written over 200 articles for publications like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Time, and I'm the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work. I love speaking to corporations and at marketing industry events. I was recently recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of 50 Online Marketing Influencers To Watch in 2016. Read more of what I'm writing on my blog.

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