MWI Finally Launches New Website

It’s official, even if this post doesn’t bother with formalities and fancy language. Finally, after many years of band-aids, touch ups, minor modifications, and a lot of groaning about “We really need a new website,” it’s finally here. Introducing the new MWI website, in all its responsive glory. Try it out on your phone, tablet, or desktop, and it remains beautiful. Sign up for our email newsletter, click our social media icons and follow and like us, read the content, catch typos and let us know about them and win our gratitude forever. And yes, some sections of the site, you will notice, are half-baked or unfinished, but as they say in the lean startup communities, if you wait until you’re not embarrassed of your product to launch it, you waited too long. We’re somewhat embarrassed, to be sure, by launching something that isn’t quite as refined and complete as we would like it to be, but that embarrassment is less than what we feel about the old website, so we felt it was the right time to switch. Plus, now that this site is live, we’ll have the added motivation to actually finish it.

Got any suggestions or questions? Please let us know in the comments.

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Hi! I'm Josh Steimle, and I started MWI from my apartment while a college student in 1999. I'm based in Shenzhen, China and responsible for MWI's overall strategy and marketing. I've written over 200 articles for publications like Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Time, and I'm the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work. I love speaking to corporations and at marketing industry events. I was recently recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of 50 Online Marketing Influencers To Watch in 2016. Read more of what I'm writing on my blog.

  • Lawton Smith

    About time. 🙂

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