MWI Awarded Web Design Contract from Advance Fiber Optics

MWI to Provide Creative Design and Consultation Services

MWI, a brand management and Web development firm, today announced it has been selected to provide creative Web design and marketing services for Advance Fiber Optics, a Salt Lake City-based network management company.

“MWI was selected over other competitors for several reasons,” said Cary Bate, marketing director for Advance Fiber Optics. “The most important issues to us were their excellent portfolio, their relationships with past clients, and they understood our needs and had the capability to produce the high quality of work we were looking for.”

“Advance Fiber Optics is an exciting client for MWI to work with,” said Joshua Steimle, chief executive officer of MWI. “They are leaders in their industry and have very high standards both in the work they do, and in the work other companies do for them. I am excited they have selected MWI, and I am confident they made the right choice.”

Advance Fiber Optics provides fiber optic and network management solutions to companies around the world. OSPInsight, Advance Fiber’s core software product, allows companies to view any network as a whole, and allows companies to determine where networks can be improved, or where a breakdown has occurred. Companies like AT&T and Time Warner Telecom use OSPInsight to manage their networks.

“In a world where customers are showing greater interest in outsourcing their technology systems, the approach of delivering Q-Publishing as a service is not unique in the content management industry,” said Joshua Steimle, chief executive officer of MWI. “What is unique is that whereas the cost of many content management systems on the market runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with Q-Publishing we can offer our clients a high-end content management system at a price point they can afford.”

About Advance Fiber Optics
Founded in 1993, Advance Fiber Optics has five offices in the western United States, and distributes their products and services to companies worldwide. Advance Fiber Optics created OSPInsight, a software product that allows companies to optimize their networks. They also provide data services and field services to telecommunications companies. Clients include AT&T, Time Warner Telecom, Comcast, MCI, Southern Company, and the Departments of Transportation for Utah, Florida and Texas.

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