Is Free SEO Analysis Worth It?

A lot of SEO companies offer a “free website analysis” or “free SEO analysis”. Is it worth it? What do you mean, “Is it worth it?” Isn’t anything that’s free worth it? Not necessarily. A free hand grenade with the pin pulled out doesn’t have very good ROI. Granted, the free analysis you’re going to get from an SEO firm isn’t going to kill you, and probably won’t do much, if any, harm to your SEO efforts if you implement any of it, but you might not get much of value from it either. In most cases SEO firms run some basic reports and give you some basic information that doesn’t tell you all that much. You’d be better off consulting a beginner’s SEO guide and working on SEO yourself.

At MWI we’ll also do a free SEO analysis for you if you’re looking to spend $3,000 or more per month. Why only for clients willing to spend $5K or more per month? Because it costs us a bit to put this analysis together. It contains substantive data and analysis that goes above and beyond the normal “free SEO analysis”. If we were selling this report we’d sell it for $3-5K. It’s the real deal. It contains actionable suggestions that will improve your SEO efforts if you implement them. Of course we hope you’ll hire MWI to implement the suggestions we give you, but if not it’s still all good.

If you would like a free SEO analysis, contact us here.

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