GoEngineer Launches New Website Design, Content Management System

MWI, a firm offering web development and related marketing services, announced today the launch of a newly redesigned website and content management system for GoEngineer, one of the largest resellers of SolidWorks software which targets the computer-aided drafting (CAD) market. The site is powered by a content management system that allows employees at GoEngineer to manage updates in real-time.

Main features of the website include sections about the company, its products and services, calendars of training and seminar events, corporate partners, and support information. The website features a simple and intuitive navigation scheme that allows visitors to find relevant information quickly.

GoEngineer had two primary objectives in the redesign of their corporate website. The first was to have a professionally designed site to increase the credibility of their company. The second was to integrate a content management system with that design so that updates to site content could be made by non-technical employees-without the site design being compromised.

“The content management functionality was a big draw for us,” said Brad Hansen, Chief Information Officer at GoEngineer, “We’re always adding seminars and training events, editing product descriptions, and changing other content on the website. With our old site, this resulted in a mess. The site MWI built for us allows us to do all the updating we want but all the pages match each other and the navigation remains easy for site visitors to use. Even though we’re still building the site piece by piece, it doesn’t look like it anymore.”

The site also includes functionality for sending HTML email newsletters, receiving support requests, managing downloadable files, and posting press releases.

About GoEngineer
GoEngineer is a software solution provider for mechanical engineers and manufacturers with 1,500 customers, revenue in the tens of millions, and a track record spanning three decades. They are a leading reseller of SolidWorks and specialize in product design software and processes. GoEngineer is one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Utah, as rated by the Mountain West Venture Group. For more information visit GoEngineer online at

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