Audience Optimization Through Search Intent: Everything You Need to Know

Intent optimization is the practice of finding and serving the intent of users that visit your website. The practice aims to identify gaps and opportunities to better address the user’s need at a particular stage of the marketing funnel.

Search engines have begun to place emphasis on what a user “means” vs what they “say” in their search queries. This emphasizes the important to make sure your search listings align with what people are looking for and the content of the landing pages matches the information or resource a searcher is inquiring about.

search query intent

Some keywords have ambiguous intent and it’s a marketer’s job to figure out how to meet various needs on a single page. I wrote about search intent optimization on which covered various types of queries, steps for optimization, etc. While most queries have informational-intent, the main categorizations are:

search engine queries

I’ve dug further into the topic to share with you. If you prefer a resource to learn from (and share), you have your choice of a video presentation or slide deck below:

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Jordan Kasteler is a freelance consultant, entrepreneur, and the Digital Marketing Strategist for the agency, MWI. He has a history of entrepreneurship co-founding such companies as BlueGlass Interactive. His work experience ranges from in-house SEO at, marketing strategy at PETA, and to agency-level digital marketing.. Jordan is also an international conference speaker, writer, and book author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing.

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