How American Orchards Reached 100% Occupancy in under a Year (without paying 3rd party commissions)

At MWI, we are always talking about win-win partnerships. Though it might sound cliche, we’ve found it’s the best way to grow a digital marketing agency. We’re looking for partners who are passionate about what they do, have drive to accomplish their growth goals, and most importantly, communicate well.

American Orchards has all of these qualities and we are proud to be an extension of their team as we work on their digital marketing strategies. Note: if you’re looking for a partnership like this, feel free reach out here

American Orchards is an assisted living facility in Gilbert, Arizona. They came to us with a goal to fill their facility within one year and do it without using placement agents (who take a hefty commission). Together, we did it!

Here’s how…




First things first, MWI needed to fix some technical website issues that were hindering organic search results as well as conversions. There were a lot of developmental implementations to make in order to get the website healthy. All of these necessary changes were detected in our in-depth search engine optimization (SEO) audit. Here are a few of them:

  • Google analytics Tracking
    • This allows MWI to be completely data driven. If you don’t track properly, you end up guessing on what’s most important for your digital strategy. Digital marketing shouldn’t be done by a gut feeling, or even what has worked for others. These types of assumptions lead to lazy marketing, and we all know the type of results that yields. We leverage your own company’s data to know where to effectively spend money to maximize results.
  • Google My Business & Knowledge Graph
    • You have to show up on Google. If someone is searching in maps, you want your business to be listed with helpful information. The easier it is to see and access information about your business, the more people will visit your website. Making sure your physical location shows up on google and getting a knowledge graph like the one below are crucial steps for every local business.



  • Add a “favicon”
    • A favicon or favorite icon is the little icon (typically a logo) displayed on the individual tab of your browser. To learn more, here is a good article speaking to the benefits of a favicon.

  • XML site map
    • submit that to major search engines
    • location of the sitemap will need to be specified in your robots.txt file


  • Implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    • For websites that collect information, Google likes to see that you are doing that securely. That is what SSL ensures. American Orchards has a form you fill out with personal information on the website and we wanted to make sure Google considered this a “good user experience.” That alone can lead to an increase in overall ranking. For more info, see these articles from Google and Search Engine Land.




A technically healthy website is a great foundation for great content. The next step is to decide what content needs to be on that website. In order to make that decision, MWI did a content audit and content ideation. That means we looked at all the content on the website and came up with a plan to improve that content (content audit) and we did the research to come up with relevant topics for new content (content ideation). If you’ve researched SEO at all, you’ve probably heard the popular phrase “content is king.” People say this because Google places a heavy emphasis on the type of content found on your website. That is important when it comes to ranking a website organically. To learn more about content marketing read this Forbes article our CEO wrote called “What is Content Marketing.”


  • Onsite Page Copy
    • American Orchards had content that we in the industry call “thin.” For the different pages on your website, a general rule of thumb would be to have at least 500 words. However, don’t just add words to have them. Have good quality content that users will appreciate on each page of your website. An exception might be a “contact us” page where a a small amount of content makes sense.
  • Blog
    • A lot more effort goes into writing an SEO sound blog than most people think. Don’t blog just to blog. Instead blog to inform and provide valuable information for you potential customers. For American Orchard, MWI did research to know what kinds of questions people are asking about that specific industry. That led us to helping them create content like the following:



All of these things combine allowed us to succeed in our partnership with American Orchards. At MWI we believe that strategies have to be custom tailored to what the business needs and what the data is telling us. American Orchards trusted our approach for digital marketing and provided us with the necessary information about their business to take it to the next level. We look forward to building upon our current work with them and growing our partnership. We are an advocate of their brand and are proud to be a part of their team.


If you need help:

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  • Achieving Your Digital Marketing ROI…


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